• Introduction of Theater

    Landscape of Mother Nature. We are to deliver spectacular impression of mesmerizing scenery and variety of riverine culture of 510 km Nakdong River all the way from Whangji, Taeback to the Eulsuk-do Island, Busan through wide images of aerial shooting.

  • River with Glowing Light, True Track of Culture

    • Silhouette of Nakdong River with glowing light
    • Along the waterway into Yecheon
    • Name of a place
    Yecheon: We are to produce lighting effects of flowing water from the acrylic pole at the ceiling, and feeling of swimming fishes in the glimmering flow of the river on the floor. On the wall, there appears explanations on the name of a place, Yecheon; "Cheon Gang Gam Ro, Ji Chul Ye Cheon."

  • Four Seasons of Nakdong River

    We are to produce the gorgeous scenery of Yecheon and Nakdong River with natural tourist attraction through the slide panels and jog shuttles.